Five Benefits of WordPress Integration

Your website probably uses WordPress for content management – Most of the world’s top websites do and it’s blogging system alone is used by over 60 million sites worldwide. What we love about WordPress is the plugin architecture, or the ability to make customized add-ons. Our WordPress plug-in creates a seamless link between your website and your app. This has multiple benefits – Here are Five!

1. “Connect and Forget”

Your website data is synchronized with your new app. No extra work for you – We call it “Connect and Forget”!

2. Existing App or New App

The WordPress Plugin works with your existing app or your new app to deliver all the revenue generation tools, including Native Ads, Deals and Competitions. Of course, we think you should upgrade to your new app as it is optimized for revenue generation and you can keep your existing downloads!

3. No App!

Maybe you do not want an app! The WordPress Plugin delivers the full feature set to your existing website. Though we cannot imagine why you do not want a new app given the seamless integration between your website and the app, and the revenue generating opportunities!

4. Valuable traffic

More users and more engagement drive programmatic and native ad income. Your website newsfeed automatically populates your app newsfeed. And your App newsfeed becomes a sales generation tool with native ads! The WordPress plugin brings seamless Ttcketing to the website and app – Events are a great way to drive users to your website and app.

5. User Experience

Customers get a connected experience on desktop and mobile.