Instantly Monetise Your Digital Audience

Too many businesses are leaving digital money on the table. There are multiple Digital Ad formats through which you can generate instant advertising revenue. You can use your own created Ads or put Your Ad Revenue on Cruise Control by engaging with the global Ad Networks.

1. Native News Feed Ads

Newsfeed Newsfeed Ads are so easy and so simple. The Ads can be set to appear after a set number of news stories. You can sell beautifully designed and seamlessly integrated ads without disturbing the user experience. The right content in a Native Newsfeed Ad can enhance user experience!

2. Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads are Full Screen Ads that can be strategically positioned throughout your app driving maximum revenue. They are set to appear at natural transition points on your app, for example moving between the Radio Player and Newsfeed, or between Newsfeed and Competitions.

3. Reward Videos

Reward Video Ads are a rich engagement tool that are required watching by users to get some benefit, for example users must watch a branded video to join a competition or to receive a free ticket. Users can skip the video after a minimum period of time (usually up to 15 seconds).

4. Banner Ads

Much maligned but still an opportunity to engage with users. Banner ads usually appear at the top or bottom of the app screen.

5. Revenue on Cruise Control

We connect you to the world’s leading Ad Networks to supercharge your digital revenue using all the Digital Ad Formats