See How Your News Feed Can Make You Money!


1. Native Ads

Native Ads are the most popular ad type at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. Native ads can integrate seamlessly into your news feed and they enhance rather than disturb the user experience! The ads appear after a set number of stories and you control the frequency of the ads!

2. Ad Networks

Trying to get your head around programmatic advertising can be pretty daunting. Put your sales on cruise control by connecting to the world’s leading Ad Networks to supercharge your digital revenue.

3. Multiple Ad Options

The beauty of mobile ads is that there’s an ad to suit every app! You can strategically position Full Screen (or Interstitial) Ads when changing between news feed streams to drive maximum revenue; or use Reward Videos that users must watch to join a competition or receive a prize. There is also banner and custom sized ads, ensuring you find the right ad for your content.

4. Connect & Forget

One issue with going mobile is the frequent disconnect between website and mobile content. Our WordPress plug-in creates a seamless link between your website and app, including linking your news content to your app news feed, meaning there’s no extra work for you!

5. Improved Engagement

Having multiple news streams, like local, sport, fashion or entertainment, make for better audience engagement. Your users can pick and choose what sections they look at depending on their interests. Plus, users can even share news feed stories on social media, helping you to expand your audience reach.