Digital Marketing Myopia and The ‘Magazine Sector’

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Do you need a messenger bot? Probably not, well at least not for a few years anyway. You’ve probably already been through the website and app phase, and are still figuring out how to get a return from your digital investment. Digital is a real problem for the magazine sector. And it is the last two words that just might be the cause of the problem. If a magazine publisher delivers its content in digital format, is it still in the magazine sector? Believing so might just be the digital era version of marketing myopia.

Marketing myopia is a shortsighted way of looking at the sector in which your business operates, and it’s a well-documented reason for business failure. Take train owners in the early part of the 20th Century who failed to recognize they were in the broader transport sector. On the other hand, oil companies have recognized the need to broaden their sector definition by redefining their business as ‘energy’ rather than just ‘petroleum’.

There is no magazine sector, newspaper sector, or radio sector in the digital world. There are only content creators, competing to engage a digital audience with a shortening attention span, and the multiple content channels.

Before digital, the channels were limited in number, clearly defined, and generally proprietary to a media sector. For example, every house had a radio that only played radio programs, and televisions that only played TV programs. Radios and televisions were sector monopoly devices! Now, radio and television operate in an open and mobile environment, and are targeting the same digital audience as magazine publishers. Not everyone can win and defining your business as being in the magazine sector may just end in failure.

Becoming a multi-platform publisher is not enough. You need to engage and monetize your digital audience in new ways. Digital advertising engagement is not just about the latest type of native or programmatic ad format. Engagement also needs to include content delivered in ways that increase interactions between you, your users and brands. For example, deals, event ticketing and competitions on your app and website; business listings that are designed for the digital age, and online wallets to makes digital sales easier. Events are fast becoming an important part of media brands offering. Thankfully, now it’s possible to have your own web and app ticketing platform.


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