Why are there so many poorly rated Radio Apps on iTunes?


If you have recently looked at reviews for Radio Apps on iTunes you may be surprised to see so many 2* or 3* rated Apps, many of which are owned by significant global brands.

You will also read poor reviews with comments like:

“Love the station but the App sucks.  Keeps crashing”
“It’s just a streaming App with nothing else going on”
“TuneIn Radio gives me everything I need”


Why is this?

Many radio stations went through an App building surge in 2012-2015 with little strategy beyond having a streaming window with some branding. A Radio App was something you had to have without much thought given to monetisation, and with – not surprising – a focus only on “Audio”. A real case of ‘Marketing Myopia’ – I am in the radio business! Fear of cannibalisation of the listener base and limited monetisation opportunities for online content limited investment of management time and money. For this reason, no radio station has succeeded in delivering the “Killer Radio App”.


Reality Check

If structured in the right way a Radio App is not only a route to greater audience engagement, a stronger brand and to new listeners, but it is also an opportunity to generate the next generation of radio revenue streams.

The secret to the success of a Radio App lies not in just providing a live radio stream, but in the ability to engage listeners with real-time news and value-add incentives, including deals, competitions and events. Listeners now want real-time news on storm warnings, traffic updates and even entertainment. Waiting for the “On-The-Hour” news update is no longer sufficient to win the battle for advertising money, and new competition is emerging, especially in the local news market. It is now easier to generate income from web and app newsfeed through programmatic and native advertising. Radio is missing out!


Pivoting to embrace the future

Your website and app – working in sync – combined with the audio experience gives radio a natural competitive advantage in winning the local advertising battle, and grabbing a larger share of the national market, and the programmatic market. Adding competitions and deals – a whole new market available to radio stations – enhances audience engagement and generates new revenue streams. Events are becoming an important part of the radio brand offering. Now it is possible to have your own web and app ticketing, without sending your valuable traffic to third party ticketing websites.


The opportunity is there for Radio Station owners. It is time to make the investment in management time and money.

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