Month: May 2016


Five Benefits of WordPress Integration

Your website probably uses WordPress for content management like most of the world’s top websites do and it’s blogging system alone is used by over 60 million sites worldwide. What we love about WordPress is the plugin architecture, or the ability to make customized add-ons. Our WordPress plugin creates a seamless link between your website...
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Digital Marketing Myopia and The ‘Magazine Sector’

Do you need a messenger bot? Probably not, well at least not for a few years anyway. You’ve probably already been through the website and app phase, and are still figuring out how to get a return from your digital investment. Digital is a real problem for the magazine sector. And it is the last...

Why are there so many poorly rated Radio Apps on iTunes?

If you have recently looked at reviews for Radio Apps on iTunes you may be surprised to see so many 2* or 3* rated Apps, many of which are owned by significant global brands. You will also read poor reviews with comments like: “Love the station but the App sucks.  Keeps crashing” “It’s just a...