Five Unique Features To Engage And Monetize Your Entire Digital Audience

Digital advertising engagement is not just about the latest type of native or programmatic ad format. Engagement can now for the first time include content delivered in ways that increase interactions between you, your users and brands. Deals, event ticketing and competitions on your app and website are easily created on your dashboard. You can have business listings that are supercharged for the digital age, and an online wallet for users to keep tickets, deals and competition entries.


1. Event Ticketing

There are multiple reasons for using your own ticketing system. You can gather credit card details making the upsell of other products easier, and you also generate valuable traffic that’s not wasted by giving it away to third party ticket providers. You have a great reason to engage with users in advance of events, using timely and relevant push notifications. Best of all, there is an easy-to-use dashboard that makes ticketing a breeze, with full fee transparency, and you always control your cash.


2. Competitions

Mobile competitions are a great audience engagement tool and loved by brands. Competitions can be app only, or the app can connect to a premium phone line. Exclusive app competitions are a great way to drive new downloads to your app. App competitions gather significantly more data then phone only competitions, and you can be innovative by linking competition entry to watching a sponsored video.


3. Deals and Coupons

It’s your own Groupon and a ‘business in a box’ ready for your sales teams. Deals are created on the easy to use dashboard with full flexibility on deal terms and timelines. You can deliver exclusive offers and discounts tailored to your audience – Just how they like it!


4. Business Listings

Existing and new business advertisers can have their own page on your app through a simple one-click Facebook login that auto-fills their Page. Facebook news and events automatically populate the Business Page. Businesses can then create their own competitions, deals and events, though always with final approval through your dashboard. Users can follow businesses they like and receive their news flow in their general news feed.  


5. Wallet

Tickets and competition entries are all stored on the app wallet. Ready for you to use at your convenience.


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