An app and web ticketing system to manage events, generate sales and drive engagement!

Radio stations and media publishers are diversifying into event management to monetize their existing audience base. Events have even been described as the third leg of the media transformation stool. Many businesses still use third party ticketing providers, but there are now compelling reasons to use your own system.


  1. Keep your valuable traffic

Events are a great way to drive users to your app and website, and to maintain ongoing engagement with those users. Programmatic and native advertising are underpinned by new users and positive engagement. Sending traffic to a third-party ticketing provider is the same as throwing cash away!


  1. Easy up-sell

Upselling is easier when credit card details are already saved to customer profiles. You will have better merchandising conversion, and users will find it easier to buy deals and enter competitions.


  1. Drive user engagement

New and upcoming events are a great reason to engage with customers. Your app dashboard enables regular communication using newsfeed ads, or timely and relevant push notifications.


  1. Fee transparency

A small Handling Fee – based on the ticket price –includes the payment processing fee. You can pass on the handling fee by including it in the ticket price, or separately disclose it.


  1. Control your own cash

Ticket payments are processed on your existing shopping cart, or through a third party payment provider e.g. Stripe (


  1. Easy-to-use dashboard

Event Management is a breeze. Easily create your own events on the dashboard, or import events directly from Facebook.


  1. Multiple entry control options

There are multiple ways to manage entry. From a printed list of attendee names or a customer printed email, to clicking the redeem deal button on the customer’s phone or using the Sonar Scanner App for QR codes.


  1. Seamless desktop and mobile ticketing

A simple WordPress Plug-in gets you desktop and app live for ticketing.


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