The Million Dollar Radio App

The Harpoon Radio App – with four proven sales channels – was launched in January 2016 after three years of development. The app is available fully branded to your station within twenty four hours. No waiting period; no engaging with app developers; and no technology risk.

How can Harpoon deliver a custom designed, scalable and secure radio app – with four proven sales channels –  in 24 hours?

Harpoon has spent three years understanding the sales and marketing needs of radio and other media organisations. We have incorporated these sales tools as standard features on our app platform.

In addition, Harpoon has taken the most expensive and time consuming app build components – scalability, content management, device syncing, enterprise data access and payment – and put them on a single platform.

As for custom design, our lead designer is an Italian fine artist. Branding the app to the unique look of your radio station is an automatic feature. Our Auto-Pilot Content, News and Events populates the app with content direct from your website and social media feeds.

The first custom designed, scalable and secure radio app with four proven sales channels for FREE? Yes!

  • No upfront cost
  • A minimum monthly revenue share on the four sales generating channels – We make money if you make money!

It’s your business in a box!

The Harpoon Radio App comes with four proven sales generating channels, easily managed by your existing sales teams using an easy-to-use dashboard. And you have full graphical analytics!

  • Newsfeed Manager
  • Deals, coupons & competitions
  • Event ticketing
  • Business Pages

Want a live app in 24 hours?

Send an email to [email protected], or go to: