5 reasons Radio Stations are not transitioning successfully to mobile apps

Radio Stations are desperately seeking a mobile complement for content distribution, engaging with listeners and creating new sales opportunities. However, the transition from web to mobile carries commercial, financial and technology risks. These risks are exacerbated by a chronic skills deficit in app development and design. Meanwhile, advertisers – local and national – are looking for new ways to engage with mobile consumers.

High upfront costs

A €10,000 to €20,000 expenditure – and you can pay a lot more – will get you a ‘brochure’ app. Brochure apps quickly become ‘dead apps’ – Don’t expect big consumer engagement beyond first download!

Difficulty in sourcing experienced app developers

Development is usually outsourced to ‘app developers’. Many of these are former web developers that are also struggling in the transition from web to mobile. App development requires specific technology and design expertise. Most developers – regardless of size – are unsuited to the challenge.

Absence of new sales generating opportunities

There is a sufficient base of deployed apps to show that Radio Stations are not generating meaningful new sales from app deployment. Traditional banner ads provide the main source of ‘new’ sales generation.

Technology risk and future proofing

App technology and design is rapidly changing. A once-off build with a standard maintenance contract is no longer sufficient to maintain an engaging app experience.

Inability to engage listeners, businesses and brands

Deals and coupons, competitions and giveaways, and events are proven ways of engaging consumers, and generate great opportunities for businesses and brands to target your listeners. These sales channels are not part of the feature set of most app developers, or require a six-figure app build budget!

So, what are you waiting for?

Bring your Radio Station into the 21st century today!

Harpoon has developed the first custom designed, scalable and secure radio app, and – most importantly – with three proven integrated sales channels.

  • No upfront costs
  • Your app is already built, so you have no technology risk. It is simply deployed from the cloud with minimal customisation!
  • €500 a month – easily recouped through new sales after a revenue share to Harpoon
  • Proven sales channels that are a natural add-on for your existing sales team
    • Deals, coupons & competitions
    • Event ticketing & marketing
    • Business page listings (*)
  • We can even give you a new website, though that will have a small build-cost

(*) One-click Facebook login, that auto-fills the Business Page; and Auto-pilot News ™ from their own Facebook News; and Auto-pilot Events ™ from their own Facebook Events

Check us out here: harpoonconnect.com/radio-apps/